The Fulbright Program in Russia’s 45th Anniversary Conference: A Celebration of International Networking Success

On April 12-13, 2018, the IIE office in Moscow hosted a major event to celebrate 45 years of the Fulbright program in Russia. The Fulbright Program in Russia’s 45th Anniversary Conference titled “A Celebration of International Networking Success” took place at the ‘National’ hotel in Moscow and welcomed more than a hundred Fulbright alumni from more than forty cities of Russia. Besides, the participants of the CCAS 2018 program, who represented community colleges of six U.S. States, also concluded their two-week trip to Russian educational institutions at the conference in Moscow. The working language of the event was English.

The conference began on April 12th, 2018 with a brief introduction by Joel Ericson, Director of the Fulbright program in Russia, and then proceeded to the plenary session led by some of the most renowned Fulbrighters: Yuri Rogulev (Visiting Scholar, 1990), Konstantin Severinov (US Scholar, 2010-2011), Pavel Kuznetsov (FFDP, 2007-2008), Tatiana Permyakova (Visiting Scholar, 2011-2012) and others. The speakers made an all-encompassing overview of the many ways the Fulbright program broadened their professional perspective, contributed to the greater internationalization at their home universities and benefited the ongoing development of the Russian higher education system.

Following up on their experience in regional educational institutions, Warren Brown, President of North Seattle College and leader of the community college administration delegates, spoke of the importance of CCAS programs and emphasized highlights and outcomes of their informative trip. Joel Ericson concluded the plenary by thanking the audience for committing to the Fulbright cause and outlined how alumni can stay engaged in the program by hosting U.S. scholars, specialists and ETAs, arranging summer schools and salons, applying for small grants, acting as readers on grant applications, and keeping the program office up to date on their achievements.

In the second part of the day the audience gathered in eight teams for the concurrent session of Round Tables, with the topics of discussion varying from the many aspects of internationalization (e.g. establishing partnerships, hosting international specialists) and strategical value of RIEA programs to the effective teaching methods and multi-vector strategies in education, science and culture. Delegates of the CCAS program also joined the discourse offering expertise and sharing which outlook and assets help American community colleges in their accomplishments.

After the formal polemics was over, alumni and guests transferred to the reception hall where they enjoyed refreshments, delicious food and lively conversation. Some alumni continued their professional discourse at the reception as well.

On April 13th, 2018 at the “National” hotel, the CCAS delegates shared their ideas about internationalization and its challenges, both in theory and practice, with recent RIEA grantees and all interested alumni. The topic included feedback and suggestions on internationalization of campuses, adjusting study courses for the needs of the region/community, development of professional education, foreign language courses and their role in internationalization of education, etc. Then, RIEA alumni and Fulbright representatives proceeded discussing Fulbright programs that presuppose alumni involvement and how the scope of such activities can be expanded. Meanwhile in the office of Fulbright program in Moscow some alumni gathered informally to communicate with the Fulbright program coordinators and confer on potential ways of collaboration.

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