FFDP 2018-19

On August 8-10, 20018 the IIE Head Office in New York hosted a 3-day orientation for new grantees of the Fulbright Faculty Development Program 2018-19. Meanwhile, the FFDP 2017-18 alumni, such as Andrey Golobokov, are working hard on implementing their projects and courses launched during their grant in the U.S.

This year grantees come from Rostov, Samara, Tomsk, Krasnodar, Vladimir, Tyumen, Chita and St. Petersburg and they specialize in a variety of disciplines, from Computer Science to Antropology. Along with their Russian colleagues, the seminar also welcomed grantees from Kosovo, Moldova and Belarus. U.S. program organizers went over the possibilities and history of the international exchange in detail, emphasized cultural peculiarities of the U.S. Grantees learned about methods and technics of courses design, the structure and general content of the U.S. curriculum, as well as interactively acquainted with basic principles of how project-oriented learning can be applied in designing of every individual study programmem which will be their focus in the next 5 months. In addition to professional orientation, the grantees also had a rich cultural program.

On August 11 the grantees flew to the U.S. universities to to work on their curricula and discover America. Some of them have shared their first impressions.


Elena Plakhina (Tyumen), University of South Florida

"How can one study here when everything around you is about relaxation!?» was my first thought when I entered the very modern campus of the University of South Florida. Green lawns, fountains splashing, the haven's breeze and yachts drifting on waves, comfortable lecture halls and common rooms, a fantastic library, an individual office, and wonderful zoning of space which encourages a work and study balance. However, after being here for 3 weeks I realized that it was very important to plan and reach any goal patiently and systematically, whether you are applying for an ID, spending hours in the library searching for a book or having a meeting with other specialists in your field, trying to infuse them with your ideas.

My colleagues at the Department of Journalism and Digital Communication are very hospitable ans amiable. Their classes ar every similar to mine but occasionally they surprise me with unexpected decisions. I'm very lucky with my academic supervisor: we have designed a stepwise action plan and adhere to it. Students have been studying only for 2 weeks whereas I have already participated in a conference on Critical Thinking, meet other specialists from the Institute and began working on my study course, which, as I have already understood, will have to be changed significantly."


Vitaly Bragilevsky (Rostov-on-Don), University of Oregon

"I arrived at the University of Oregon on August 11. One of the most important things to start with is meeting your academic supervisor, in my case - professor Zena Ariola. I also met her team that I'm to be work alongside for the duration of my stay in Eugene. Of course, at first I was preoccupied with settling in a new place. I am very well taken care of at the university, with my own office and computer.

I had to plan wisely from the start, with the amount of tasks on my hands I couldn't do otherwise. There was no time to warm up. I also met the local Department of Slavic Studies, they invited me to their new academic year receptionи. At the University of Oregon fall studies begin on September 24 and end in early December. I'll use that time to observe the study process and design my own course - the main goal of my grant.

I am very eager to learn more about the U.S., that is why I intend to travel on the weekends and holidays. I used the long weekend on September 1-3 to visit the Yellowstone National Park. On Thanksgiving I will definitely travel again. On a usual day I walk around and learn about the local community. The Saturday Market is extremely popular in Eugene, I hope to drop by soon."


Photos by the FFDP 2018-19 grantees.

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