Screenings of Dr. Galina Evtushenko’s films in American universities

Last March Galina Evtushenko, professor of Film Studies at Russian State University for the Humanities, screened her documentaries at the University of Albany (UAlbany), where she is currently a Fulbright visiting scholar, and at the University of Rhode Island (URI). At the University Club in UAlbany Dr. Evtushenko screened her most recent documentary “A Double Portrait of Two Spiritual Teachers: Leo Tolstoy and Mahatma Gandhi”, in which she used archival sources to chronicle the little-known friendship and correspondence between the famous Russian writer and the Indian political activist. Later, at the University of Rhode Island she showed two of her films, “Famous Jews” and “Woe to Wit, or Two Men of Genius: Eisenstein in the Cinema, Meyerhold in the Theater.”

After the screening at the University of Rhode Island, she engaged in a lively Q&A session with the audience, ranging from faculty from Political Science, English, History and Communications and undergraduate students from advanced Creative Writing courses, to doctoral students from the English Department and even a representative from the campus newspaper "The Good 5 Cent Cigar". In a follow-up event former Fulbright Scholars in Russia and Ukraine professors Jean Walton, Mary Cappello, Nicolai Petro and Allison Petro joined Dr. Evtushenko and conversation ranged widely among topics from the excellence of the Fulbright program, to the changes in Russia over the past decade, to shared interests in film and literature.

“What I care about is people-to-people exchanges between our two countries, regardless of the current political climate,” said Dr. Evtushenko. “I have found Americans to be open and kind and interested in Russian history, culture and literature.”

Galina Evtushenko showed her films at festivals in numerous countries across Europe, as well as in Canada and Brazil. She has also received several film prizes and is a member of the Russian Filmmaker’s Union and the International Association for Cinema Educators.

Photos: courtesy of Galina Evtushenko & Times Union
URI event report kindly contributed by Jean Walton, Professor at URI, Department of English

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