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International Education Week at the Hawaii with a Russian Scholar

In November 2016 all departments of the University of Hawaii at Manoa; Honolulu, HI held a great event called “International Education Week”. Department of Languages & Literatures of Europe & the Americas, College of Languages, Linguistics & Literature together with Russian Division got very much involved in it. Elena Sedova, Associate Professor from the Dpt of Literature & Teaching Methods at Chelyabinsk State Pedagogical University, is currently affiliated at Hawaii as Scholar-in-Residence; she is teaching Intermediate Russian and Advanced Russian (with a topic of interested in language, literature, culture or phonetics) for the whole 2016-17 academic year and she became responsible for the Week.

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2016 Fulbright Program Presentations in Your City

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FFDP 2016-2017

On August, 9 2016 started FFDP 2016-17. After a stressful competition, a group of Faculty from Syktyvkar, Astrakhan’, Chelyabinsk, Saratov, Irkutsk, Samara, Arkhangelsk, Tomsk, St. Petersburg and Moscow came to the USA to participate in the Fulbright Faculty Development Program 2016-17.

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Russian cultural luminary advantageously apply Fulbright international experience upon return to their home institutions. International mobility is strengthened at libraries, museums, archives and in cinema.

U.S. Fulbright ETA’s Lecture at Vladimir State University

On May 26, World History Department of Vladimir State University hosted an event with a student from the United States. Kaylin Land, a Fulbright 2015-16 English Teaching Assistant at Murom Institute of Vladimir State University, delivered two one-hour lectures – the first one about the history and culture of American Midwest and the second – about Russian Studies in the United States. The audience consisted of the students who are being trained to be school teachers of history and English. That’s why the event was conducted exclusively in English. Being well-educated in the History of the United States, the students, nevertheless, found much of the information completely new and, sometimes, surprising, for example, the facts about Mid-Western mounds, Native American agriculture, contemporary communities of South-Eastern Asians in Midwest. During the second part of the lecture, the students got acquainted with the Russian Studies curriculum in the United States, based on the example of Carleton College in Minnesota, where Kaylin received her Bachelor degree.
The students were also told about some differences in the approaches of language studies in Russia and America, about the Russian Literature in American Universities.
The event became possible through the Small Grant-2016 awarded to the Associate Professor Borzov A.V.

Young Russian Faculty, who are currently working in USA Universities within the FFDP 2015-16, are finishing their projects aimed at tailoring curriculum for their Russian Universities. Since August 2015 they have done a lot in the academic and cultural fields.

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A group of faculty from Ulan-Ude, Tomsk, Novosibirsk, Stavropol, St. Petersburg, Yekaterinburg, Perm, Rostov-on-Don, Zelenograd and Moscow came to the USA to participate in the Fulbright Faculty Development Program 2015-16.

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The XVIII Fulbright Summer School in the Humanities

The XVIII Fulbright Summer School in the Humanities “Great Books and Critical Readings” took place at Moscow State University on June 23-27, 2015. The School was created as an interdisciplinary event and this year it traditionally gathered not only scholars of literature but also historians, philosophers, political scientists, both as lecturers and participants. The interest towards phenomena of “world classics” and “global literature” as well as the role they play in contemporary education united all these experts.

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