FFDP: Document Check List

  • Application Cover Sheet (only in English) Accepted by e-mail
  • Application for Study in the United States (points 1 through 47 in English) - Can be sent out by email\on-line
  • Study Research Objectives (In English and in Russian) - Can be sent out by email
  • Personal Statement (In English and in Russian) - Can be sent out by email
  • Confidential Letters of Reference Accepted in printed form with signature. The text should additionally be sent out by email. If the letters are in Russian, a translation should be included.
  • Signature Form (only in English) Accepted in printed format
  • Information Concerning Foreign Student Academic Record - Can be sent out by email
  • Certified copy of diploma (In Russian)
  • Согласие на обработку персональных данных

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