Supplemental Documents

Please read the Application Instructions first!

Required Supplemental Documents

  • Checklist
  • Signature Form (2 original copies in English)
  • Three Letters of Recommendation (each letter should be in both languages (Russian and English)
  • Information Concerning Foreign Student Academic Records (in English, 1 copies, send by email)
  • Certified copy of a diploma of higher education (the copy can be certified by the university)
  • Согласие на обработку персональных данных (2 originals)
  • Application Cover Sheet (the 1st document to send, via e-mail)

Please ask us all questions you might have about the preparation of documents for participation in our competition; we shall answer all your questions and we will help you to fill out the application and supplemental forms correctly.

Please contact Fulbright Program Officer Elena Shabashova: 8 (495)935-83-53,

Required Supplemental Documents:

1. Checklist FFDP 2018-19.doc39.5 KB
2. Signature Form FFDP 2018-19.pdf9.59 KB
3. Letter of Reference Word.doc97.5 KB
3. Letter of Reference.pdf30.24 KB
4. Information Concerning Foreign Student Acad Recs Word.doc32.5 KB
4. Information Concerning Foreign Student Acad Recs.pdf25.85 KB
5. Согласие на обработку персональных данных.pdf156.77 KB
6. Application Cover Sheet FFDP 2018-19.doc51.5 KB

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