Student conference “Transsiberian bridge” - Novosibirsk State Pedagogical University

The project of this grant included organizing and conducting a conference, devoted to various aspects of modern American society, presented by journalism students of Novosibirsk State Pedagogical University as a part of their case-study professional researches. The conference «Transsiberian bridge» was held on the 30th of November, 2015 in the Institute of Philology, Mass Information and Psychology (IFMIP), Novosibirsk State Pedagogical University (Novosibirsk). This academic event included mini-lectures about Fulbright program and the university campus life in the USA, then students had a chance to participate in open discussion and to develop their presentation skills critical thinking skills in 3 conference sections.

At the beginning of the conference students could listen to the open lecture of the guest speaker Leland Sidle (ETA grantee, NSPU), who talked about the opportunities of Fulbright Program for Russian students and then to participate at the questions and answers session about the Fulbright grants and university campuses in the USA, moderated by current Fulbrighter Leeland Sidle (NSPU) and Fulbright Alumna Ekaterina Barancheeva (NSPU).

The student part of the conference was divided into 3 sections with the best presentations of the students, majoring in journalism. The sections were titled as “The system of journalists` training in the U.S. vs. Russia” (Section 1), “Image of journalist in modern American art” (Section 2), “Russian emigrant writers: their life and work” (Section 3). The students chose for the presentations the topics about the specifics of journalist profession and training, the modern images of journalists in movies, online gaming, media, and stereotypes in the society about journalists. Several topics touched the problems of fiction writing (including creative writing phenomena being an emigrant) and other social problems. The event was followed by the coffee-break with socializing and informal conversations about the features of current Fulbright Programs. The conference organized by the Fulbright Small Grant brought together around 70 students of writing professions. All students presented their case-study researches were awarded with presents and souvenirs that can be used in their future professional education.

The conference conducted was a great encouraging factor for the journalist students of NSPU: for their future professional studies, self-development and deeper understanding of current issues in the US society.

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