Fulbright Alumni Event in Ulan-Ude

Another Fulbright alumni event took place on September 25-26, 2018, this time in Ulan-Ude, gathering together alumni of the Baikal region. The event was sponsored by the Fulbright Small Grants program, supported by the Moscow Fulbright office and U.S. Embassy in Russia and organized by Fulbrighters of Buryat State University's Department of Translation and Intercultural Communication and Department of English Language and Linguodidactics: Tatyana Platitsyna (FLTA 2006-07, FFDP 2012-13), Elena Vasilyeva (FFDP 2008-09), Irina Stolyarova (FFDP 2010-11) and Natalia Monieva (FLTA 2005-06). Participants of the event came from Ulan-Ude, Chita and Irkutsk. Prior to the event, Joel Ericson met with Vyacheslav Khakhinov, Buryat State University's Vice-rector for Research, and discussed potential collaboration with the university.

During the round table the participatns shared results of their international practice and eventual research in their respective universities post their grant experience in the U.S., as well as brain-stormed ideas for future collaborative projects in the Baikal region. The event boasted a warm, informal atmosphere: alumni exchanged their U.S. impressions, ways of applying gained experience in Russia as a motivating factor for perspective applicants.

Apart from intensive discussions, Fulbrighters visited Lake Baikal, the deepest fresh water lake in the world, and Buryat villages on its picturesque shores such as Novy Enkhaluk, Sukhaya, Zagza and Zarechiye, where they learned about the history of Buryatia.

News on the event at the BSU website

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