Scholarly-Practical Conference “Postmodernism in American and Russian culture”

American Center of Vologda Regional Academic Library,
Vologda State Pedagogical University
With the support of the US Embassy in Moscow

Are pleased to invite you to take part in
the Scholarly-Practical Conference

“Postmodernism in American and Russian culture”

To be held on December 7-9, 2012 in Vologda

During the conference the participants will discuss broad range of questions, which deal with the contemporary culture in its different discourses: personal, historical, regional, and phenomenological. It is supposed to consider interconnections between traditions, mentalities, and experiments in the sphere of modern art.

We invite specialists in cultural studies, arts, philology, and scholars whose research is connected with philosophy of culture, sociology of culture, ethics, aesthetics, and cultural anthropology.

We welcome proposals on any topic related to the theme. The presenters might consider any of the following questions:

• Cultural problems in the context of contemporary humanitarian scholarship: philosophy, cultural studies, art studies, philology, sociology
• Classical heritage in non-classical interpretation: literature, theater, cinema, music, dance
• Physiognomy of post-modern: phenomena, images, symbols
• Contemporary author and audience: co-authors, co-participants, consumers
• Organization of contemporary art activities
• Polylogue in contemporary art: Russia and America
• Politics and contemporary art
• Cultural practices of postmodernism: literature, theater, cinema, music, dance, performance
• Cultural dialogue between Russia and America: text, context and intertextuality

Working language of the conference is Russian.

Applications including the author’s name, degree, institutional affiliation, e-mail, phone number, and the topic of the presentation and abstracts (up to 200 words) are expected before November 1, 2012. Applications and abstracts are to be sent electronically as an attached file, Microsoft Word format, to Elena Yushkova , or to Lyudmila Yakusheva: .

Your participation will be confirmed before November, 20, 2012.

Alumni of American government-sponsored programs will be provided with a reasonable compensation of their travel expenses and accommodation in Vologda.

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