Fulbright Dissertation Camp

Nikolai Artemev, a Fulbright GSP alumnus and International Relations officer at Ammosov North-Eastern Federal University, will invite NEFU graduate students to join Fulbright Dissertation Camp (FDC) this Fall. His FDC project is a part of Fulbright Small Grants program. On October 26-27 in Yakutsk (dates may change), Nikolai will host a two-day weekend event for Ammosov NEFU graduate students.

The camp will provide a free of charge platform for students to work on their course assignments, thesis, or dissertation with meals served (breakfast, lunch, and non-stop coffee, tea, and snacks access). The camp is designed to create an atmosphere of inspiration, creativity, and productivity and it will take place at the NEFU canteen. Students will be offered to attend various programs including Stretch&Destress activity, Citation Rules and Avoiding Plagiarism information session & workshop, Writing an Article for a Peer-Reveiwed Jornal information session & workshop (APA style).

Each camp participant will receive a certificate of completion and small gifts with 70 years of Fulbright program and 40 years of Fulbright Russia partnership logo including t-shirts, notebooks, pens, and mugs during final dinner.

Contact information: 8-924-173-8556

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