Many Returns of the Fulbright Faculty Development Programme

Andrei Ptitsyn, FFDP 2016-17 alum, has been developing international relationships and cooperation since his return to Russia. In 2017 he invited his academic advisor Walter Carson from University of Pittsburgh to take part in the All-Russian Science Festival. Dr. Carson has delivered a speech about "Biomes in Peril: on the Future and Sustainability of the World's Temperate Forest Ecosystems" in many Russian cities, including Moscow, Salekhard and Yekaterinburg. Later in 2018 Dr. Carson has travelled to Perm to give seminars and work with Russian forest biologists. In 2017-2018 Andrei also supported other U.S. scholars in Russia, such as Robert Howell, Robert Goeckel, David Schwarzer and Bob Gosende. In addition, during his scholarship Andrei had time to complete and publish his research article "Measuring Innovative Performance of Skolkovo Companies", in which he compared the Silicon Valley and Skolkovo.

The course Andrei developed in the U.S. was included in the Master's Ecology program at the Faculty of Biology of Moscow State University (MSU); he also plans to teach it at MSU's campus in China. Moreover, after his return to Russia, Andrei has used the tools he acquired whilst on the program, such as rubrics, formative and summative assessments, and icebreaker activities, to design another course - "New Business Models". He currently teaches this course at the Higher School of Economics, Vysokovsky Graduate School of Urbanism, as part of the Master's program "Prototyping Future Cities".

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