FLTA PROGRAM: Application Instructions

Dear Applicants!

Before you begin to complete the application forms, please familiarize yourself with the instructions (in English and in Russian) on how to complete all of the required documents.

You can download and save the application instructions from this page - document files are located at the bottom of this page.

Please contact Fulbright Program Officer, Olga Petrova, with any questions you might have.

Email: (with title FLTA 2018-19) Telephone: (495) 935-83-53

Read All Instructions and Information carefully before completing the application

1. All forms in this application are to be completed in English.

2. All pages and parts of the application must be completed and returned to constitute a full dossier.

3. Every question must be answered completely and carefully. Please make every effort, however, to limit your response to the space provided.

4. Completed applications should be returned to Moscow Fulbright Office by June 01, 2017 in order to be considered for the academic year to begin in the U.S. in August or September of 2018. Incomplete applications cannot be considered.

5. For those candidates invited to the second round, they must bring complete and certified academic documents covering the entire period of study at universities or other post-secondary institutions. Documents must be accompanied by complete English translations. Academic documents must consist of: A certified official record (transcript) from each university or post-secondary institution listing the subjects you studied and the grades you received during each year of your enrollment. Include all post-secondary institutions you have attended, even those from which you did not receive a degree or diploma.

6. Teaching Assistantships are only awarded for nine or ten-month academic year beginning in August or September 2018.

7. Letters of Reference should be written by teachers under whom you have studied or pursued research or by someone who has supervised you in work related to your proposed field of study. Letters of Reference should not be written by persons related to you either by blood or marriage, or by personal friends. The letters should be written in English if possible, or accompanied by accurate translations.

8. All applicants should indicate correct email address that is being regularly checked. Correspondence between Applicants and Program Officers is conducted mostly by email that is why indicating correct email address is very important.

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