Maria Chumovitskaya

1. Chumovitskaya Maria Vladimirovna, education: Saint-Petersburg State University, Historical Faculty, Art History Department. Now I am a senior lecturer at the State Polytechnic University.

2. I was a Fulbright Scholar in Residence in Georgia and taught lectures at Bainbridge College in Georgia in the Fall 2008. I have taught Russian Art History and Art Appreciation for American students in Summer Programs in Saint-Petersburg for some years.

3. I taught two classes of Art Appreciation for the Division Of Art and Sciences at Bainbridge College. Also through the Continuing education department I taught two classes – Russian Art and Russian Architecture. In addition I gave some lectures at various University of Georgia campuses and at Florida State University.

4. My first trip to the USA and work at University System of Georgia was a wonderful and useful experience. It helped me to understand the system of American education; now I know how to give material for American students, what is more important for them. Knowledge of American culture and people enriched my English.

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